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GRE University Selection Tool

GRE University Selection Tool 

This tool will help all students to target a university for themselves based on there GRE score, research background, profile & other inputs based on counselor etc.

This is the basic version & we would be upgrading it for more inputs & increasing it’s accuracy.


GRE University Selection Tool


Aspirants for Phd admissions or MS admissions to US often get confused about university selection in their application process. To simplify your University selection for 2014, we have developed a University Selection Tool.

  • Research Specific University selection tool: College/University select algorithms which are India Specific and is better than any other online tool.
  • Inputs: Recommenders(selecting from family), Grades, GRE, TOEFL, Research (50 areas of research to be selected, max 5), Major/Minor Gathering, SOP area, description of major project role after MS (free registration required).
  • Outputs:
    Divided into three categories in all specializations – ambitious, safe, tuition / research area. Student inputs his data and get two reports: one instant by algorithm & other moderated by the counselor.Focus on breakup of MIS into database, web, other fields and  University selection based on students interest and profile. Maximum changes to get RA / TA in the university as we fit inputs of student to University.


  • A Demo version with: 10 Universities, only for MIS, and 6 research areas has been made in an excel file.
  • Best Research University depends on research area and not student’s GRE score, although it considers GRE score if it can impact the overall average.
  • Feed input for a student in input sheet Normal Composite score of 175 is best and 155 is lowest for getting into Rank 1 and Rank 50 respectively as per US News.
  • 175-155 Score stands for best profile to weakest.
  • If Research published: Weight age for GRE = 33% and Research match is given 67% weight age or else equally weighted.
  • A complete tool based on scientific analysis of student profile & effective to generate the perfect university match.

Team  FGGC

Download the  University Selection Tool below:


Download the doc and ppt below:




Steps to update:

To get accustomed to what the product actually is, please check the following links:

To better explain the tool, here is the video for the same:

For the completion of the work, you would need the references from us for data entry on the sheet & store that data into mysql database. You will use that data to implement logic of university selection tool in php and a gui for students where they can enter their marks and can get appropriate university and all the necessary detail about university and research area as result.




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