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Learning Professional Writing

Freegregmatclass.com (FGGC) helps it’s learners in Professional writing. FGGC is committed in working towards helping our learners/clients in every possible way. In this regard, we help them in various types of Professional writing stuffs needed for many tasks.

1. Emailing to Professors – During the process of Applying for Universities, it is often required to send emails (replying emails) to the professors who are associated with a particular university. This can be a make or break situation for all aspirants as often these Professors recommend aspirants name to the university on the basis of email communication they had. FGGC helps from the very start in this process. FGGC team will guide you on every step & will make sure that you get the desired University admission. Focusing on the Subject, content & the Right professor to be contacted.

2. Learning Referencing – Often Citation/Referencing becomes an important work. FGGC helps it’s learners/clients in making a proper professional & standard referencing. This helps a lot as proper citation adds as a positive for a particular candidate.

3. Publishing Research/ Reviewing Research – FGGC team consists of people with a huge experience in Publication of research with more than 50 papers published in various conferences & journals. FGGC team can help you in Publishing research in your desired topic/area or reviewing your manuscripts. Publishing Research is an important aspect of complete University Application process as it lets the University know that the candidate has conducted extensive research in the area he/she wants to pursue MS/P.hD.

4. Report Writing – Report Writing is again an important part. FGGC helps it’s learners/clients to make reports in specified areas. FGGC has a team of experts who help in writing reports. Making a professional report is of utmost importance & FGGC will make sure it does.

5. SOP/LOR – SOP/LOR writing is again an important aspect of University application.  As part of your application procedure for a master’s degree, most universities require you to write a statement of purpose. It is a statement of your academic/career goals and background. It is one of the most important documents that admission committees will use to evaluate you as a candidate for higher studies.

Usually 3 letters of recommendations are required by the University for your Application. This is to ascertain by the admission committee that you are a deserving candidate. Our job  is to provide guidance on how these letters should showcase your academic & professional achievements aligned with your areas of interest.

We at FGGC have sophisticated SOP check. Research background is matched according to specific targeted university.

Class No. Topic Hour
1 Email Writing Half Hour
2 Referencing Half Hour
3 Report Writing One Hour
4 Publication One Hour
5 SOP/LOR Two Hours

All these topics are bundled together to form a one on one 5 hours course by FGGC at $100.

We can always customize the above as per the requests of our learners/clients.


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