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College Selection Tool- Joint Development

College Selection: University selection tool: demo by FGGC:

  • This is demo version with: 10 University, only for MIS, and 6 research areas.
  • Best Research University depends on research area and not on student’s GRE although it takes accepted GRE Average effects this (low  GRE of accepted is considered good).
  • Feed input for a student in input sheet Normal Composite score of 175 is best and 155 is lowest for getting into Rank 1 and Rank 50 respectively as per US News.
  • 175-155 Score stands for best profile to weakest.
  • If Research published: Weight age for GRE = 33% and Research match is given 67% weight age or else equally weighted.
  • A complete tool based on scientific analysis of student profile & effective to generate the perfect university match.
  • Research Specific University selection tool: College/University select algorithms which are Indore Specific and is better than any other online tool.
  • Inputs: Recommender (selecting from family), Grades, GRE, TOEFL, Research (50 areas of research to be selected, max 5), Major/Minor Gathering, SOP area, description of major project role after MS (free registration required).
  • Outputs:
    Divided into three categories in all specializations – ambitious, safe, tuition / research area.
    Student inputs his data and get two reports: one instant by algorithm & other moderated by the counselor.
    Focus on breakup of MIS into database, web, other fields and  University selection based on students interest and profile.
    Maximum changes to get RA / TA in the university as we fit inputs of student to University.

Download the doc and ppt below:










Download Page for GRE University Selection Tool:
Download Page

What We Offer:

  • Lead Sharing/Fixed Rent Model/Adds on website – Any GRE/GMAT Training institute who would like to collaborate with us can make a win-win situation.
  • We are looking for consulting firms to colleborate on developing UST so that better inputs can be given to the students
  • We are also looking for GRE coachign to develop videos on learning of words using innovative ways
  • Online Marketing & other promotional platforms can be shared.
  • More free videos/recordings can be provided & sponsored by the institute.
  • Training on Online Marketing & Branding on how to best online training can be provided (ex how to manage ad campaign).

Setup Requirements for Video Recordings:

  • Camera.
  • Board.
  • Screen-sharing.
  • Camtesia Software (or others).
  • Tune-up Utilities.


CONTACT US: info@freegregmatclass.com