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About Free GRE Course Material

  1. Course (PPT& 5 hour Video) of 500 GRE’s toughest words using 10 pointer Dashastra
  2. Reading Comprehension Course(Solution and Introduction)for 27 Major themes
  3. Sentence Completion for GRE (5 hour Video Solution)

Video Courses Available

  1. GRE 500 Tough words in 5 hours
  2. RC 27 areas in 10 hours
  3. 77 Toughest Sentence completion Videos
  4. 11 hours and 5 Areas of Pre-know for AWA
  5. 5 hours 111 tough Analogies for the GRE

Student benefit by taking this course (free online Virtual classes on GRE ; Includes Practice Sample tests):

1. Be able to learn words faster and build a good vocabulary by our Dashastra (10 techniques for word memorization), will be able to build a strategy for each question type by using concepts such as diplomatic-language-of-examiner / Power of Elimination. Also students will be able to solve the toughest possible questions as the classes are taken of various levels: intro vs practice vs toughest possible question.

2. Special care is taken on building pre knowledge for essays so that the students can cite good examples; this will increase the general awareness. Also some of the research papers on computed linguistic are used to develop a full-proof strategy for the essays.

3. GRE scores are valid for 5 years so prepare now as it is possible that you don’t get time in future with added responsibilities.

Unparallel and Most Scientific Approach Includes Practice Sample tests. Top 3 reasons students should enroll for this course (free online classes):

1. The course is very condensed but highly scientific where we have taken concepts from medical, psychology, strategy management, computational linguistic etc for making a comprehensive approach for GRE preparation. All the research is cited so that the students can read more on how he can link all these areas for his exam preparation.

2. All classes are conducted from 10 PM-1 AM night, so it will not affect your professional life. Long duration classes on Sundays, Saturdays and other public holidays. Important class will be broadcasted twice so that if you miss one you can attend the next one.

3. All classes are taken with the help of well prepared ppts which contains theory and questions, which are emailed to the students 24 hours before the class so that he can look into (the ppts of some of the classes which are freely available to download at my Wiziq profile).

Use of various developed and optimized techniques like Dashastra,with the help of these techniques you can improve your vocabulary. Also the whole program with risk, optimization of knowledge to get a score that match your investment and knowledge is our Pashupatiastra. We are committed to make learning high scientific and will use a model for working professional where they can relate this preparation in their day to day life.

Our classes are free and live classes are at nominal charge.  So give your career new height by joining our program and improving your chances of admission in MBA / MS / PhD in areas like engineering, management, etc.
Video for GRE Words [part 1]

Video for GRE Words [part 2]

Video for GRE Words [part 3]

Video for GRE Words [part 4]

Video for GRE Words [part 5]

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Guaranteed learning of words

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As Part of our commitment towards GRE/GMAT preparation, we offer our learners with the option of One On One Custom Classes. One On One classes are charged at $25 per hour. A learner can ask for 2 hours of Demo class before going for this option. One On One Classes focuses on preparation of the complete course so that our learners can excel in there respective exams.

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