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Some Video Tutorial:


1. What is FGGC?

A. FGGC is an Open Knowledge Initiative. It offers class recordings, tutorials, tests etc. for students preparing for GRE/GMAT absolutely free.

2. Where can I found the recordings for GRE/GMAT?

A. Some of the links are already provided on the site itself whereas many recordings can be found at our YouTube channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/shivbhaktajoshi  & also at WizIQ courses


3. What is special about the recordings?

A. More than 400 hours of online recordings are available for thorough GRE/GMAT preparation.

4. When were these recordings done?

A. They were started in early 2011 over an year’s time.

5. Are the GRE recordings according to the new GRE pattern?

A. Unfortunately not all, as these recordings were done from 2011-2013, they were according to the old GRE format but we do plan to upgrade our recordings & other materials completely as per new GRE.

6. What are the books recommended for preparation?

A. GMAT: OG 12, OVR 11, GMAT Prep, Manhatten.

GRE: OG, Verbal workout, Kaplans, Barrons, Nova.

AGRE: Princenton.

CAT: Quant Aptitude By Arun Sharma, TMH Publications & Quantum CAT By Servesh Kumar.

7. What is difference between public class and private course?

A. There is no difference in the content or quality, in 1-on-1 class it is more about personal focus. Sometimes public classes are more helpful as there is lot more interaction between a larger group of people.

8. Are all the classes free?

A. Yes, all public classes are free! But in case you want 1-one-1 sessions you have to join the paid course.

9. Do you teach personal coaching?

A. Yes, we are taking personal 1-on-1 coaching for GRE & GMAT kindly to register for my public classes(free). Fill in the form to get more information. The FGGC team doesnt charge any refereall fee from either the students or teachers (we charge no $ comission to teachers or students, teachers have to do some reviewing and support work to expand the free initiative in order to be listed on FGGC)

10. What could be approximate cost of one-to-one teaching?

A. We have teachers registered on our website who charge $20-25/ Hours

11. Where can I join the courses to access the recordings?


12. I am a GRE/GMAT teacher, can I join with FGGC?

Yes! you can join with us. We would act as a felicitater so that you can find GRE/GMAT students. FGGC doesn’t charge anything for this & you would get all the money. In return, you have to  provide us with around 10-15 hours of recordings per month.

For any other queries, feel free to contact us at info@freegregmatclass.com